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Estonian e-residency. How to apply?


What is e-residency?

The Republic of Estonia is the first country in the world to offer e-residency. Everyone has the opportunity to apply for the secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government – to gain secure access to digital services, to get anything and everything done digitally (sign all documents, launch and manage companies, do banking, encrypt files, etc.).

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How to apply?

While in Estonia, it is possible to apply for an e-resident digital ID card through the Police and Border Guard Board.

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Starting April 1st 2015, it is possible to apply for an e-resident digital ID card through Estonia's foreign representations.

To submit an application, please contact the embassy of Estonia in Minsk.

Documents required to apply:

  • an application form (can be filled in on a computer screen (PDF), printed out (PDF), or filled out by hand;
  • the applicant's valid identity document;
  • a colour photo measuring 40x50mm Read more
  • a state fee for processing the application (80 EUR);
  • a written explanation in free form (in English, Russian or Estonian), stating the user's intentions regarding the digital ID and the circumstances of its use;

Documents submitted by the applicant shall be forwarded to the Police and Border Guard Board, who will perform a background check and make a decision regarding the granting (or refusal) of the e-resident's digital ID.

In the case of a decision to grant e-residency, the e-resident digital ID card, card reader and PIN codes will be sent to Estonia's foreign representation.

The applicant will be notified of the arrival of his/her ID card, following which the applicant shall return to the embassy, present a valid identity document and his/her biometric identifiers (fingerprints) and will then receive the ID card, card reader and PIN codes.

For more detailed information regarding the application process

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