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Estonia Embraces Uber and Taxify as First European Country to Legalize and Regulate Ride-Sharing
While many European cities are reactionary when it comes to non-traditional taxi services, other European countries are keen to embrace new ideas as a way of proving their technology credentials and hoping ...
Investment Aid to Support Service and R&D Centres
Investment aid to support service and R&D centres brings service centers into the spotlight. The purpose of aid is to support international support service and R&D centers to increase their international ...
New Estonian-located Development Teams of Foreign Enterprises
During the past four months another three international large enterprises have announced locating their support centres in Estonia. Even more new comers are expected this year as foreign enterprises are ...
e-Residency to Support Nasdaq in Transforming Shareholder Participation
TALLINN & NEW YORK – Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) and the Republic of Estonia have announced that Estonia’s e-Residency platform will be facilitating a blockchain-based e-voting service to allow shareholders ...
Planet OS Partners up with German Energy Giant RWE
RWE and Planet OS signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to build big data infrastructure for geospatial IoT. The first joint project of two companies is a next generation dashboard for RWE’s Gwynt ...
Estonia Startup Ecosystem Report Published
While small, the Estonia startup ecosystem is growing very rapidly, building on the several success stories it has produced, Startup Compass writes in its blog post on Estonia Startup Ecosystem Report. Skype, ...
BBC features Estonia in ‘My Perfect Country’
 The BBC recently featured Estonia in a new series called “My Perfect Country.” During the interview, host Fi Glover and guests, digital entrepreneur,  Martha Lane Fox and Professor Henrietta ...
Alec Ross: An Epic Tale of Two Countries
Tallinn Skyline Estonia and Belarus: two countries taking very different paths. Alec Ross explores the difference between Estonia and Belarus’ post Soviet societies. Noting forward-thinking leaders like ...
e-Residents from Singapore Can Soon Open Estonian Bank Accounts without Travelling to Estonia
Start-ups in Singapore eyeing the European Union (EU) market will become the first in the world to benefit from a scheme enabling them to open a bank account in the Baltic nation Estonia without needing ...
Estonia Ranks 3rd in Europe in Economic Freedom
According to the Hertiage Foundation’s 2016 Index of Economic Freedom, Estonia ranks 3rd in Europe and 9th globally. While the overall score for Estonia rose by 0.4 points to 77.2, the overall position ...
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